Wojciech Bieńkowski

PhD Wojciech Bieńkowski

Prof Wojciech Bieńkowski received a Ph.D. and Ph.D. Habilitated degrees in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics. In his post-doctoral thesis, Prof Bieńkowski analyzed the impact of US governmental and competitiveness policies and their economic impact. He was a Visiting Scholar at: Harvard University, Nagoya City University in Japan, George Mason University, and Johns Hopkins University. Prof. Bieńkowski has conducted research in Germany (RFE/RL Institute in Munich), Austria, Italy (the Rockefeller Conference and the Study Center at Bellagio), and the US (University of Rochester).

He wrote and co-authored dozens of articles and several books. The articles were published in respected scholarly journals such as The Harvard International Review, Comparative Economic Studies, and the Journal of Comparative Economics. His books were printed by distinguished publishing houses such as: Palgrave-Macmillan (USA and UK), Cambridge University Press (UK), M.E. Sharpe (USA), Maruzen (Japan), PWN (Poland), and PWE (Poland).

Prof Bieńkowski has been affiliated with many professional organizations and associations, namely, Harvard Club of Poland (as a Board Member), W. Fulbright Scholar Association, Salzburg Seminar Alumni Association, WSE Foreign Trade Faculty Alumni Association, and  Association of Polish Economists (TEP). He has also served as a fellow at the Institute for Applied Economics and the Study of Business Enterprise at John Hopkins University. Prof Bieńkowski served as an advisor to Poland’s Minister of Economy (2006-2007).

PhD Tomasz Braun
Deputy Rector for International Cooperation of LU, Executive Director of US Economy and Transatlantic Relations Institute

Tomasz Braun has a PhD degree in law – he is a practicing lawyer and an academic lecturer. During his experience gained as a General Counsel and a board member of various international financial institutions he has gained a practical knowledge of functioning of global businesses. He specialises in financial markets, international restructurings, processes improvements and new products implementation, mergers and acquisition transactions and in complex negotiations. Supports the companies within the restructuring processes and changing the profiles of their activities is also within the range of his experiences. He advises on corporate and financial and capital matters as well as administrative and regulatory issues.

Within his career he managed international financial institutions and energy companies on both developed and emerging markets. Headed legal function of international financial institutions on developed and emerging markets and was a partner in global law firms. Managed restructuring processes that included establishing, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and liquidations of companies and their branches. He also organised shared services centres. Led various transactions, negotiations, and disputes with public and private entities. He also helped solving crisis situations, introducing recovery programmes, implementing succession plans and managing legal, regulatory, compliance and operational risks in international financial institutions.

Dr Tomasz Braun is a lecturer of Financial, Corporate and Economic Law at Łazarski University in Warsaw and a visiting lecturer at other European Universities. He is frequently invited to participate in various conferences and seminars as an expert of banking and finance law, financial transactions, corporate governance and legal and compliance risks management.