This section provides key documents related to the United States of America.  In subsection Basic documents the original texts of the United States Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights have been provided.  These are documents that create a foundation for this country, and every research and assessment of the United States must take under consideration the principles described in these documents. It is always valuable to conduct a comparative analysis to understand how the US principles differ from those defined in constitutions and related documents of other counties.  Understanding the principles which underline the construction of the United States as a country is necessary to address basically all aspects of its functioning and actions today, including politics, economics, military strategies, and legal standpoints. These documents have been presented courtesy of  Remarks are also published in the Compilation of Presidential Documents, a compilation of the official publication of materials released by the White House Press Secretary and published by the Office of the Federal Register. Presidential addresses are also available in the Congressional Record Bound Editions, and Presidential addresses and remarks back to President Hoover are available in the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, which is compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

In the following subsection, texts of State of the Union Addresses and other Presidential addresses to Joint Sessions of the Congress have been provided.  They have a crucial value when addressing recent policies of various administrations. They provide an overview of various ideas for governing the country and allow to assess the effectiveness of these policies and their impact on changing the United States.  It seems that some ideas which were exciting some time ago, now look as inadequate and ineffective.  The State of the Union addresses also provide a continuous overview of the United States international policies and priorities.  This allows to understand how they and the World have changed in the recent years.  All the Joint Session Addresses are obviously politically motivated. An analysis of these speeches provides hence very important inputs for the evaluation of the US political arena.  The documents were shown at this website courtesy of, they also provide various other information on the United States such as example the US immigration process and citizenship.  The provided text of the US Constitution has been received from the US Senate. This version includes the original text and comments which make easier to assess the text of the Constitution. 

Presidential Addresses to Joint Session of Congress

President Joe Biden

President Donald Trump